Add a new gateway (Ethernet converter)

To create a gateway take the following steps:

1. Go to the “Devices” section.

2. Click on the “Add new device”.

3. Select “Add Gateway”. 4. Select the BS “Manufacturer”.

5. Select the BS “Model”.

6. Select “Connection Type”.

7. Enter the “Name” of the gateway. The name is entered in any form.

8. Select the operating mode (Client or Server).

The operating mode depends on the converter settings. In Client mode, the converter itself establishes a connection to the server. A regular Internet connection is enough. In Server mode, Nekta software acts as the initiator of the connection. The converter must be connected to the Internet with a static IP address to operate correctly in this mode. The port to this converter should also be forwarded.

9. Enter the data to establish the connection.

Specify the device ID for Client mode. The ID can be the MAC address of the converter or another identifier that is included into the device or specified in its settings. The server must specify the IP address and Port. The modes of operation are described in details in the “Setting up GPRS and Ethernet gateway communication article”.

10. Specify the “Contact Period”.

Please see “Features of the polling period” before selecting.

11. Check the specified parameters and click on the “Create button”.

Gateway creation is completed. 

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