Importing objects

Importing objects.

For the tree of the objects export function is available. It is possible to upload a list of objects to a folder and a list of subobjects to an object.

To “import”, you need to click the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the object or folder window.

In the window that opens, read the reference information on filling in the data in the template, then select “Download” the template for import.

Fill in the template in accordance with the recommendations of the “reference information on the fields” Click “Select the file” in the import window then specify the path to the completed template and click “Open”.

We see that the system has already analyzed the data in the completed template and notifies about the number of successful and unsuccessful possible downloads. Press the Import. 

If the system indicates an error when loading an object, not imported > 0 lines, it is possible to download the download log and see the cause of the error.

Click “Download” the log and view the cause of the error. Correct the completed template based on the comments of the system and re-import the object.

Importing object/subobject completed

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