Creating a report 80020

1. Go to the “Reports” section and open the “New Device Report” tab. 2. Select the “XML80020” template. 3. Enter “The name of the report”.

4. Select “Metering points“.

The 80020 report is generated only by metering points. At the same time, each metering point must be binded to “Metering device” (electric meter),”The Supplier” and “The Consumer”.

5. Choose “Averaging”:

  • Hourly rate
  • Half – hour rate

6. Specify the number of decimal places.

7. Select “Data type”:

  • Power — Power profile.
  • Energy — Energy profile (load).

8. If the report requires taking “The transformation coefficients” into account, then set the appropriate check mark.

9. Specify the beginning of the period and end of the period.

10. Choose “Data channels”:

Active input (A+)

  • Active output (A-)
  • Reactive input (R+)
  • Reactive output (R-)

11. If all files in the downloaded archive need to be grouped (sorted into folders) by the “TIN of the Consumer”, then it is necessary to check the box “Group by TIN”.

12. If “The Supplier” or “The consumer” is not set for the metering point then they can be set when creating the report. To do so, select them from the drop-down list.

“The Supplier” and “The consumer” in this case is set only for the generated report. The information is not updated at the metering point itself.

After creation, the report will be available in the “System Reports” tab. You can download, “Edit” or “Delete” it.

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