Add a new company

To create a company take the following steps:

1. Go to the “Companies” section.

2. Click “Add a new company” button. If the company is not created on a permanent basis but for a certain period for testing, you need to click on the switch opposite to the Test period. In this case specify the date and time of blocking. 3. Enter “Company name”. 4. Select “Company Type”: “Client” or “Dealer”.

The Client type of company differs from the Dealer type in that a company of the Dealer type can create companies for its customers. For a company with the Client type there is no such possibility. 5. Specify the “TIN”. 6. Enter “User name”. 7. Enter the user’s “E-mail”. 8. Enter and confirm “Password”.9. Specify the “Time zone”. 10. Enter max “Number of metering devices”. 11. Press “Create a company”. The company is created.

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