Report Designer

Report Designer is a convenient and simple tool for creating an informative custom report. Using the capabilities developed and integrated by our developers, you can independently create report templates with relevant attributes and upload them in table format.

Creating a report.

To create a report, you need to select the section in the NEKTA system Reports, go to the Report Designer tab and click “Add a new report”. In the window that opens, select “Category of the resource” of the metering device. At the moment, only one type of resource is available for generating a report. Choose the metering point (hereinafter referred to as MP) for which the device is assigned, the report can be created only on the basis of the one. To get acquainted with the manual for creating MP, follow the link. Choosing the type of report: Single is for a report on one device of one resource category. Group is for creating a report on several devices of the same resource category. Report period means that you can select the time range of data collection, specifying the day, month and year. Select the attributes to be displayed in the report by ticking the boxes next to the data rows of interest, and then click Generate a report. The data rows are divided into groups according to the category for which they display information:

  • Device is a data on the selected type of devices;
  • Device attributes are labels with additional device data;
  • Metering point is a data fields for the selected MP;
  • Provider means fields with information about the resource provider;
  • Consumer is a data on the consumer assigned to the selected MP;
  • Object is information about the object to which the selected MP is assigned;
  • Messages is a set of fields that correlates with the selected metering device resource type.
  • Custom fields are user—created attributes.

If desired, the user can add a new message field, for this it is necessary to click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the data fields window. In the editor window that opens, you must specify the name, add the data fields that participate in the formation of readings in the new message and use the appropriate formula. Then click Save the fields.

A new data field will appear in the Custom fields. To edit (the pencil icon next to the column name) or delete a column (the red X icon) with data in the report constructor, use the corresponding button. To edit the data display format (numeric floating point, date format), you need to use the edit button, the gear icon. You can configure both the data display format and their aggregation (the order of aggregation). The received data can be saved in Excel format by using the button “Export to Excel”, at the top of Report designer menu.

To save the report template, click “Save the report”, after which the system will automatically redirect you to the list of all created reports inThe report designer. A notification with the report generation result will appear at the bottom of the window. Editing. To make adjustments to an already created report, select the line in the Edit drop-down menu. After making changes, click Save the report.

Removal. To delete a report, select the appropriate line in the context menu. After deletion, the system will send a pop-up dialog box notification at the bottom of the screen.

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