Description of the fields to import

Content: Importing devices Gateways import. Importing Suppliers Import of consumers Import of metering points. Importing objects Importing devices name is the name of the device. Required field. An arbitrary set of characters from 2 to 255 is specified. metering_device_model_id is the device model. Required field. A numeric value that is […]

Personal design

To apply personal design (branding), it is necessary: Inform the Nekta Technical Support service: Company name (Name of the tab in the browser) A 330×95 pixel logo in PNG or SVG format with a transparent background (logo on the authorization page) A 150×20 pixel logo in PNG or SVG format […]

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Description of fields when exporting devices.

Exporting devices. “id” is the identification number of the metering device in the Nekta system. “name” is the name of the device in the system. “deviceID” is the key for connecting the meter to the Nekta software. “active” is the status of the device, can have the values: 1 – […]

Companies (B2B)

The main company. The main company is an organization that provides service and software on its own behalf using the software solution by Nekta company. The companies window allows you to edit, perform settlement operations, view the status, as well as add new accounts of subsidiaries. When the company is […]

Event log (B2B)

Event log. The event log records events performed in the system when the server is running. The Dealer can view the events performed on his account, the correctness of all functions and logs of all data processed by the server in real-time. Event logs may be acquired for a seven-day […]

Rates (B2B)

In the Rates window, user with dealer account can create and edit customer rates for using the software service. Rates window has the following columns: Name is the name of the organization for which the tariff is set. Category 1 is pricing policy for the maintenance of devices: water, gas, heat […]

Devices (Nekta Cloud App)

Content: List of devices; Meaning of symbols; Favorites Data Notification list; List of devices; To view all the devices assigned to the user of the system, select in the left part of the Devices navigation panel. The list of devices opens. The list displays the gateway (communication device) through which […]

Installing the app (Nekta Cloud App)

The mobile application NEKTA CLOUD allows you to be in touch with smart devices at any convenient time, in any convenient place. To install the NEKTA CLOUD mobile app, follow the link: Android version (version 0.5.2) Device Requirements: Any smartphone running on the Android operating system, version 4 and higher. […]

Objects (Nekta Cloud App)

Meering objects are elements of the NEKTA system that combine devices by territorial or other affiliation. To go to the metering objects tab, you need to click on the context menu in the upper left part of the screen. Then choose metering objects. In the list that opens, select the […]