Sensors can be added to entities and sub-entities. Sensors “binding/unbinding”.

Click on the “Bind\Unbind” existing sensor button to “add a sensor” to an entity, select one or more sensors by “moving to the right” list and “save”.

To unbind the sensors move them to the left list and save them.

One sensor can be bind to only one entity or sub-entity. Accordingly, only those sensors that are not bind to entities will be available in the list for binding.

 A list of binded sensors.

The list of binded sensors has the following columns:

ID is a unique identifier of the device in the system.

Device is the name of the sensor that was set when Adding.

Gateway is the name of the gateway to which the sensor is connected.

Clicking on the gateway name shows detailed information. After that, it is possible to Go to logs,Go to Data and Edit the gateway. Status indicates the status of the gateway, which characterizes the presence of communication with the device. The status depends on the selected polling period of the device, which is set when it was Adding. If the device does not show signs of activity for a time equal to 1.5 of the polling period, the status changes to Offline.

Context menu is the menu where the following actions with the device are available:

  • Data allows to view sensor data.

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