Creating a report on a single device

1. Go to the “Reports” section.

2. In the “New device report” tab, select the display of the required report(s) by clicking on the “gear” icon.

To select the required template, you can use the filter by resource type. To apply the filter, click on the corresponding button with the name of the resource.

To preview the template, click on the magnifying glass icon

3. Click on the name of the “Template”.

Templates for reports on one device are located in the left column.

If you need to add a template with a different data set, you need to contact the technical support service of Nekta by E-mail

4. Set the period for the report. To do so, you need to specify the dates in the “Start date” and “End date” fields. Dates can be entered manually or selected in the calendar by clicking on the corresponding icon to the right of the date.

5. Select “The device” to build the report on.

6. Enter the name of the report.

7. Click the “Generate Report” button.

The generated report will appear in the “Custom Reports” tab.

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