Selected metering devices

To display the readings of individual metering devices on one screen you can add them to favorites.Device statistics.

At the top of the screen there are tiles with the number of devices:

  • Total devices in the company
  • Devices in the archive
  • On-line devices
  • Off-line devices

By clicking the tile, you can open a list of devices with a filter (all devices / archived / online / offline).

Metering devices widgets.

The meter widget displays the latest meter readings and consumption for the last 30 days.

The flow rate display is available as a chart or a histogram.

A transition to “Device data” is possible in the context menu of the widget.

Adding/removing a device.

To add a device to your favorites, you need to go to the “Devices” section and in the context menu of the metering device select the item “Passport TS”.In the “Metering device” tab, click on the “Add to favorites” button.

Metering devices from the categories “Water, Gas, Electricity and Heat” are available for adding to favorites. Devices from the “Substance, Sensor and Other” categories cannot be added to favorites.

To remove a device from favorites, go to the “Passport TU” in the “Metering device” tab, click the “Remove from favorites” button. You can delete a device from favorites in the Favorites section itself. To do this, select “Remove device from favorites” in the widget’s context menu.

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