Archived devices

Devices can be moved to Archive.

If device is archived data collection is disabled and created events are deactivated.


If the device is bind to a metering point, it cannot be moved to the archive. In this case, the device must first be unbound from the metering point or the point itself must be removed.

Moving a device to the archive.

Take the following steps to archive a device:

1. Go to the “Devices” section.

2. Select the device type: “Metering devices, Gateways or Base stations”. To do so, click on the appropriate tab.

3. Find the device in the list that you want to move to the archive. To do so, you can use the search bar and filter a device by resource type.

4. Click on the context menu and select “Move to archive”.5. Confirm moving the device to the archive in the pop-up window.Archiving groups of devices.

Archiving a group of metering devices is available.

To do so, check the boxes next to the devices and click on the “Archiving”.Confirm the device archiving In the pop-up window.List of archived devices.

Archiving is available in the “Devices section”.All devices in the archive are grouped by the following types: “Devices,Gateways and Base stations”.Sorting by all columns and the ability to hide individual columns is available for each type of device.

Data is available for the metering devices.

Any device from the archive can be “Restored” or “Removed”.

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