Event Log

All event notifications can be viewed in the log.

The log can be accessed from any section of the system. This is the icon with the image of a bell in the upper right corner. The icon shows the number of unread notifications. Clicking on the log icon will show the last 4 notifications. If you click on any of them, it will be marked as read. You can also “Mark everything as read” or open the “Full list of events”.

The complete list of triggered events has the following columns:

  • “ID” is the unique number of the triggered event in the system;
  • “Device” is a metering device or sensor that triggered the event;
  • “Event” is the name of the event that was specified when it was added;
  • “Trigger Date” is the date and time when the event was triggered;
  • “Processing date” is the date and time when the notification was sent for the triggered event;
  • “Status” means Not Read, Read or Error.

Sorting is available for each of the columns. There is also a search by “ID”, “Device” name and “The name of the event”.

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