Automatic report distribution

Click the appropriate button in the “Reports” section to set up automatic distribution of reports. Creating an automatic mailing list.

Creating an automatic distribution of the report is available in the “New Task” tab.

Take the following steps to create it:

1. Choose Report type.

When the toggle switch is activated, System Reports will be available for selection. User reports is available when deactivated.


2. Select a report from the drop-down list.

You can use the search. To do so, enter the name of the report and click on the magnifying glass icon 

3. Select the report period: Day, Week, Month, or Arbitrary.

“The Report Period” parameter does not depend on the period specified when creating report.


4. Specify “The time” for the “Day” period when the report will be sent. Choose “Day of the week” for the “Week” period. Set the “Date of the calendar” month and time for the “Month” period. Specify the number of the calendar month for “Arbitrary period”, Time of sending, the initial date of the reporting period, the “Final number” of the reporting period and the number of months in the reporting period.

5. Check the box next to “Periodic mailing” item if it is necessary for the mailing task to be repeated.

If you don’t check the box next to “Periodic mailing” the task to send the report will work once. After that, it will become inactive.


6. Select “Start date” and “The end date” for periodic mailing. Dates can be entered manually or selected in the calendar by clicking on the corresponding icon to the right of the date.

The task to send the report will become inactive at the end of the set period.


7. Select Responsible. Responsible is the user of the system to whom the report will be sent via E-mail .

8. Click the Send button.

Each time a report is sent it will be generated in the system and added to the Custom or System reports’ lists.

The list of tasks for automatic mailing.

Viewing and managing the list of all created mailings is available in the “Task List” tab.

Sorting is available for the task list. Click on the name of any column by which you want to sort the list.

The number of entries per page is limited. 10 tasks are displayed by default. To change the number of records, select a different value from the drop-down list.

The task list has the following columns:

“Active” (Toggle switch) allows you to activate or deactivate the task. When the task is deactivated, the distribution of the report will be suspended (at the moment the functionality is disabled for revision).

“ID” is the unique identifier of the task in the system.

“The creator” is the user who created the mailing task.

“Responsible” is the user of the system to whom the report will be sent via E-mail will be sent.

“The day of distribution” is the date of the calendar month when the report arrives.

“The time of distribution” is the time when the report arrives.

“Context menu” is the menu where the cancellation of the task for the report distribution is available.

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