Balance closing

To create a balance sheet report, you need to create the balance group.

Next, go to the “Reports” section, open the “Balance closing tab” and open the “Creating a new report template”. In the template that opens, enter the “Report name”, select the created “Balance Sheet Group”, select the “Report Template”, select or enter the “Start and end dates” of the report and click the “Generate report” button. After creation, the report will appear in the list. If a large amount of data is being processed to generate a report, then its status will be In progress.

Report statuses are not updated automatically. To update, click on the icon with the image of a circular arrow

After the report is generated, its status will change to “Generated”. It will be available for download in Excel, CSV or PDF.

Report status options:

  • In progress … (0.00%) – report is on progress of generation (indicating the percentage of readiness).
  • Generated – the report has been successfully generated and is available for download.
  • Error — the report was not generated due to an error. The download is not available.

The following actions are available in the context menu:

  • Rebuild the report
  • Edit
  • Delete Report

Rebuild the report action allows you to update the data in the report when the period or the list of devices changes, as well as after overwriting the data on the device or changing its properties.

“Automatic mailing” can be configured for the generated balance information reports.

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