Companies is a section of the system where a list of all created subsidiaries (sub-companies) is displayed.

In this section “Adding a new company” is also available.

List of companies.

The list of companies has the following columns:

“Active” (Toggle switch) allows you to activate or deactivate the company.

When a company is deactivated, users who are registered with it will not be able to log in.


“ID” is a unique identifier of the company in the system.

“Name” is the name of the company that was set when it was “added”.

“Type” is the type of company: Dealer or Client.

“Status” is financial condition:

  • Paid
  • Not paid
  • You need to top up your balance

“TIN/BIN” is the company identification number (legal details).

“The date of blocking” is the date when the company will be automatically deactivated.

Context menu is a menu where the following actions with the company are available:

  • Enter the company
  • Edit a company
  • Delete a company

Login to the company.

Any user of the main company who has the appropriate access rights can log in to the subsidiary. When logging into a subsidiary, the user retains the access rights settings as in the main company.

Exit from the company.

To exit the company, click on the account name in the upper right corner and select Return to the main company or Return to the previous company.

If the movement in the sub-company was performed several levels down, then the item Return to the main company returns immediately to the main account, and the item Return to the previous company then the movement is possible to only one level up.

Editing the company.

In the edit menu of the company, you can change the following:

  • Name of the company
  • Date and time of blocking
  • Type of company
  • Company status

You can also disable the Demo status of the company in this menu.

The demo status of the company allows you to use the system indefinitely, but with restrictions on the number of metering devices, which is no more than 10. This restriction does not apply to base stations and gateways.

When disabling the Demo status, you must specify the TIN/BIN.

Deleting a company.

Deleting a company will permanently delete all devices, device data, reports, objects, users, and all related settings. It will be possible to restore this data only from a backup copy through a request to the Nekta technical support service.

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