Nekta system can be integrated with Kazakhtelecom network server by OrionM2M.

Data from all devices that are added to the Kazakhtelecom server can be displayed in real time to the Nekta Cloud or Nekta Server software.

Data transmission set up.

An account should be created on Kazakhtelecom server with LoRaWAN devices (Nodes).

In this account, you need to create The application in the corresponding section. When creating an application, an App ID is automatically generated. You need to generate Token in the application created.

To be able to create new devices in the NEKTA system, you must have a high access level of Token. In the Nodes settings for which data needs to be transmitted to Nekta, you need to specify the created Application. Next, in the Nekta personal account, you need to go to Company settings. Open “Kazakhtelecom” item in the “Services” tab, select the “kt_iot service”, specify “kt-iot.kz” the server address, enter the “App ID” and “Token” created in Kazakhtelecom account. Activate the service by switching the toggle switch to the right and pressing the Send button.When adding LoRaWAN devices to the Nekta system, data on which is transmitted from the Kazakhtelecom network server, it is necessary to select the Kt-Iot connection type in the DevEUI and DevAddr fields from the Activation type window and enter the keys (after the kt-iot_ prefix). Features:

  1. To get data from “Kazakhtelecom” network server the connection to “WebSocket” is made using the “App ID” and “Application Token”. The application allows to establish multiple connections to WebSocket, but in this case, data from the devices will be transferred to each connection in turn.

For example, 3 connections are installed simultaneously. The first data package will be sent to the first connection, the second to the second one, the third to the third one, the fourth to the first one, etc. That is, only 1/3 of the data will get into one connection. In this regard, it is not recommended to establish more than one connection to one application.

  1. The ability to receive data from “Kazakhtelecom” network server is set for the account. If sub-companies are created you need to apply similar settings for each of them.
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