Rates (B2B)

In the Rates window, user with dealer account can create and edit customer rates for using the software service. Rates window has the following columns:

Name is the name of the organization for which the tariff is set.

Category 1 is pricing policy for the maintenance of devices: water, gas, heat meters (any water, gas meters, apartment heat meters, not heat meters)

Category 2 is electric meter (any electric meters that send any information other than power profiles and electricity quality indicator)

Category 3 is electric meter + power profile, 80020 XML.

Category 4 is electric meter + power profile, 80020 XML + electricity quality.

Category 5 is household heat meters.

Category 6 is sensors, controlled devices.

Category 7 — Other devices (not included in other categories)

The default for the client is the standard tariff plan for the type of Client.

The default for the dealer is the standard tariff plan for the type Dealer.

Arrow next to the column The name shows the selected sorting, descending or ascending, to switch you need to click on the Title.

When you press the “sandwich” button, a list opens, available functions: “Edit” and “Delete” tariff.


Tariff editing.

To change the tariff parameters, you need to change the value of any parameter in the “Editing” window and click “Save tariff”

Deleting a rate.

To delete a tariff, click the corresponding button in the context menu.

Add a tariff.

To add a new tariff, you must click the appropriate button in the upper left corner of the “Tariffs” section.

The name of the tariff is an arbitrary value, for the convenience of identifying tariffs, you can name the tariff by analogy with the name of the company for which the price plan is being created.

Cost (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) categories — in these lines, the price for the device corresponding to the category is prescribed.

Discounts (+) — if necessary, it is possible to choose at what number of connected devices a discount on The tariff, the discount amount is set manually.

If the Client orders the “white label” service for the company, it is necessary to put a tick in the checkbox opposite the inscription “There is a personal design” and indicate the cost of the service.

Tariff by default 

To use the default rate for all companies with the “Dealer” or “Customer” account type, when creating a new rate, check the checkbox next to the corresponding name of the account type.

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