Personal design

To apply personal design (branding), it is necessary:

  1. Inform the Nekta Technical Support service:
  • Company name (Name of the tab in the browser)
  • A 330×95 pixel logo in PNG or SVG format with a transparent background (logo on the authorization page)
  • A 150×20 pixel logo in PNG or SVG format with a transparent background (top logo)
  • Website icon (Favicon) (size 32×32 pixels, PNG format, transparent background)
  • Background picture of 1920 x 1080 (or 1920 x 1200) pixels (picture in the background)
  • HEX primary color code (top menu color)
  • HEX code of secondary color (the color of the selected section in the top menu)
  • HEX color code of buttons
  • HEX code of the background color (if there is no background image)
  • Domain name (required for the application of personal design)
  • Certificate for domain (optional)
  1. Configure domain record to an IP address:

It is possible to use a domain of any level. There is no need to allocate hosting for the site to which the domain is linked, the main thing is to configure the domain to the correct IP address.

  • For the cloud version:
  • For the server version: the IP used to access the server
  1. Send data for setting up outgoing mail (only for the server solution):
  • Company name (displayed in the subject and text of the letter)
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Mail server address (outbox)
  • Connection Protection (SSL/TLS/Missing)
  • Port

All information should be sent to the Nekta Technical Support service at

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