IEC-104 (IEC 60870-5 or GOST R IEC 60870-5)

GOST R IEC 60870-5 defines a set of protocols for monitoring and control using a permanent connection.

To connect to the Nekta software and receive data using the IEC-104 protocol, take the following steps:
1. Specify the address (domain or IP) of the server and port 2404 (for devices) or 2405 (for base stations);

2. Specify the device ID as an ASDU address from the Nekta system (not DevAddr or DevEUI, but ID);

3. As an IOA address specify the value configured in the Nekta system (check with technical support:;

4. Specify the data type:
M_ME_TF_1 — Floating point number
M_SP_TB_1 — Logical

The type of data in the server: bull — 1 or 0. float — floating point value.

5. or server IP is the IP.

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