Devices (Nekta Cloud App)


  • List of devices;
  • Meaning of symbols;
  • Favorites
  • Data
  • Notification list;

List of devices;

To view all the devices assigned to the user of the system, select in the left part of the Devices navigation panel.

The list of devices opens. The list displays the gateway (communication device) through which the metering device is connected to the Nekta application and all metering devices connected through this communication device.

For each device, the system displays the name and ID of the device.

The resource type of the metering device is indicated by the corresponding icon next to the device name.

Meaning of symbols;

— hot water meter;


— cold water meter;


— heat meter;


— electricity meter;


— gas meter;


— communication device;


— sensor;


To view detailed information and data on the metering device, click on the name of the device.

A window will openGeneral information, which displays the following data:

  • Name of the metering device;
  • ID of the metering device;
  • Informational 2D image, displaying the current readings on the device;
  • Date the device was added to the NEKTA system;
  • A separate line is the current readings, with more detailed data;


At the bottom of the General information window, there is a function button for adding/removing a meter to favorites.

To view the list of favorite devices, go to the appropriate tab in the context menu.

Abstract representations of all metering devices that were added by the user are available in the favorites window.


Next to the General information window the Data tab is located by clicking on which you can view the consumption schedule and readings for the selected period (grouped by days, weeks or months) for various meter readings, for example: General tariff (A+), readings at the end of the period; Tariff 1; Tariff 2;

On the consumption graph, you can select a point on the diagram corresponding to the time period for which you want to show data, the system will open a window with a description of the consumption for the selected period.

Under the graph there is a detailed table with data on all the readings of the meter, to view all the columns you need to swipe the data table to the left.

Notification list;

To view messages on all devices, go to the List of notifications tab.

In the notification message, the following information is displayed:

  • event name;
  • event trigger time;
  • Device name;
  • Device ID in the NEKTA system;
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