IOT Vega Server

Nekta system is integrated with Vega-Absolut IOT Vega Server network server.

Data from all devices that are added to the Vega Server IOT can be streamed real-time to the Nekta Cloud or Nekta Server software.

Data transmission set up.

1. Create an account on the IOT Vega Server with the rights as shown in the figure: 2. Set up synchronization with IOT Vega Server in the “Company Settings” (Services tab). To do so, enter the account Login and Password, IP address andThe port used to connect to the IOT Vega Server. Then Activate the service and click Send button. Features:

1. The same devices will be created on the IOT Vega Server after configuring data transfer when adding LoRaWAN devices to Nekta. If the device on the IOT Vega Server has already been created, then its name will be updated.

2. The ability to receive data from the IOT Vega Server is set for the account. If sub-companies are created you need to apply similar settings for each of them. No additional settings are required on the IOT Vega Server.

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