Objects (Nekta Cloud App)

Meering objects are elements of the NEKTA system that combine devices by territorial or other affiliation.

To go to the metering objects tab, you need to click on the context menu in the upper left part of the screen.

Then choose metering objects.

In the list that opens, select the metering object of interest, to select a subobject (office, apartment), click on the arrow icon pointing down, to the left of the name of the metering object.

The metering object window displays:

  • the name of the metering device binded to the metering point;
  • Device ID;
  • the icon corresponds to the type of resource to which the metering device belongs;

By clicking on the name of the metering device a window will open General information, which displays the following data:

  • Name of the metering device;
  • ID of the metering device;
  • Informational 2D image of the metering device, displaying the current readings on the device;
  • Date the device was added to the NEKTA system;
  • A separate line is the current readings, with more detailed data;

Below the Device window there is a function button for adding a meter to favorites.

To study the detailed description of the Data tab go to the “Devices” article.

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