Add a Base Station

To create a Base station (BS), it is necessary to:

1. Go to the Devices section.

2. Click the Add new device.

3. Select “Add base station”. 4. Select the BS “Manufacturer”.

5. Select the BS “Model”.

6. Select “Connection Type”.

LoRaWAN v1.0.3 — Gotthardp (standard pre-installed LoRa server);

LoRaWAN v1.1 (NEW) — Chirpstack. For users with the NEKTA Server version, you must first update the NEKTA software to the current version and send a request to configure a new LoRa server to the technical support email:

7. Coverage radius of BS is the value specified in meters (optional).

The specified radius directly affects the display of the base station radius on the Map of entities. 

8. Enter the Name of the BS. The name is entered in any form.

9. Enter the ID of the BS that you received during the setup process (via SSH orWeb interface).

10. Check the specified parameters and click the Create button. 11. Go to the “Base stations” tab.

If the settings (via SSH orWeb interface) are correct the indicator in the “Status” column will change to a green icon within a few minutes after adding.

The adding of the base station is completed.

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