Editing objects


  • Editing a folder;
  • Editing an object;
  • Editing a subobject.

To edit any element of the infrastructure, you need to make changes in the “Folder” tab and click the “Save” button.

Editing a folder;

In the folder editing window, you can change Parent element andThe name of the object (folder).

The parent element for a folder can be the root element (company name) or any folder.

Editing an object.

Object properties.

You can change the following in The properties of the object tab:

  • Parent element
  • Name of the entity
  • Address of the entity
  • Entity type

The root element (company name) or any folder can serve as the parent element for the object.


When you enter the address in the Address of the object field, options will be offered. After selecting one of them, all the address fields will be replaced automatically. To manually change all address fields, you must activate the Enter address manually option. Attributes of the object.

To edit an attribute of an object, click on the pencil icon , enter a new value and click on the floppy disk image .

If you need to add an attribute that is not in the list, you need to contact the Nekta technical support Nekta by phone 8(800)700-5573 ext. 2 or E-mail support@nekta.tech

Binding to users.

Linking a user to an object is necessary in cases where the user does not have full access to all the company’s devices, but needs access to the devices of one or more objects.

To link, you need to select one or more users and click the Add button.

Editing a subobject.

In the subobject editing window, you can change Parent element,The name of the object (subobject) andThe type of the object (subobject).

Only an object can serve as a parent element for a subobject. Deleting objects.

To delete any infrastructure element (folder, object, subobject), select it, go to the “Settings” tab and click “Delete”. In the pop-up window, enter the ID (highlighted in bold in the tooltip) and click the “Yes, delete” button.

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