Exporting objects

The function of uploading data as a table for the objects entered into the system is available for the tree of objects.

1. Click the objects export button in the upper right corner of the object window to download the list of objects. 2. The system consolidates data on all objects and downloads a report in the xlsx format to the browser download folder.3. The report contains the following columns of information on objects/sub-objects:

id is the identification number (used only for objects);

name is the name;

idparent is the identification number of the parent object (for subobjects);

country (used only for objects);

region (used only for objects);

city (used only for objects);

street (used only for objects);

house (used only for objects);

coordinates are coordinates (latitude and longitude are used only for objects);

type is the type of the infrastructure element;

type object is the object type;

A detailed description of the column values can be found in the article “description of fields for import”.

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