List of objects

Object (metering object) is an element of the Nekta system that unites devices by area or other affiliation.

To start working with objects go to the Objects section.

The tree of objects (infrastructure).

The object tree consists of the following elements:

  • An object is an element that allows you to group subobjects, metering points (devices) and users.
  • A subobject is an element that allows you to group metering points (devices).
  • Folder is an element that allows you to group objects and other folders.

The and buttons are designed to “add” an object (subobject) and a folder.

If other folders or objects are linked to the folder (or subobjects are linked to the object), then there will be a tick icon to the left of it. Clicking on this icon will open the list of linked items.

In order to display/hide all the elements of the tree, you need to click on the Expand all/Collapse all item.

The folder binding depth is not limited. Other folders or objects can be linked to any folder. Only subobjects can be linked to an object. You cannot bind it to a subobject.

A search by the name of a folder, object or subobject is implemented for the tree. To perform it, enter the name in the search bar and press Enter. To reset the search results, click on the cross to the right of the entered text.

Tree elements can be moved relative to each other. The movement is carried out only within the parent element. Binding to another parent element can be done by “editing the object”.

If you click on an element of the object tree, a list of linked “sensors” and “metering points” will be displayed on the right.

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