Table of supported devices.

Table of supported devices – created specifically for our partners for easy viewing of information on all integrated devices in the NEKTA system.



Cell marking:

– the function is possible for this device model and implemented in the NEKTA system.

– the function is available for the device, but due to certain circumstances, it is not advisable to implement this functionality in the NEKTA system.

– the function is supported by the device, adding to the NEKTA system is possible upon request by e-mail:

– The function is not supported by this device model.


Filter settings.

In order to display sample data in the table, you must use the Filter function (filter), click on the corresponding inscription in the window header, select + Add filter in the drop-down menu.

The table will add a filter line, now it needs to be configured, for this we indicate from which column it is necessary to filter the data, click next to the inscription Where (Where), a drop-down list of all columns of the table will appear, select the required line, for example Model.

An operator is a condition that a filter must fulfill when selecting data, in other words, an instruction for searching.

Filter operators:

contains – contains

does not contain – does not contain

“is” – is

“is not” – is not

“is empty” – empty cell

“not empty” – the cell contains some information

Next, specify the filter operator, for example, Contains (contains) and enter the name of the device model of interest, for example, Vector-300.

The table will display data on the instrument model: Vector-300.

View data.

To view the data for all columns, you can use one of three methods convenient for you:

  • use scrolling at the bottom of the table.
  • expand the table to full screen mode using the View larger version button
  • open the device card by clicking on the button Expand record (space) (expand the record (space))
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