Balancing groups

Balancing groups are necessary for generating reports on Balancing information.

To manage balancing groups, go to the “Devices”, “Groups sections” and select a “Balancing groups” subsection.To create it, click the “Add group” button.Next, you need to enter “Group name” and select “Types of resources” and “Permissible unbalance (%)”.

Permissible imbalance – the value of the discrepancy in percentage terms, above which the system will notify the user.

Scheduled calculation – it is possible to set the frequency of automatic balance balancing, for this you need to check the “Scheduled calculation” checkbox, specify the “Calculation period (depth in days)”, the frequency of checking discrepancies, “Launch date” and “Launch time “.It is only possible to add “Metering points” with linked devices. To add them, select the infrastructure element on the left side of the screen. At the same time, on the right side of the screen, there will be metering points available for adding to the group (taking into account the selected resource) in the lists of the “main MPs” and “Child MPs”.

When selecting the “Sub-entity” the metering points related to this sub-entity will appear in the list.
When choosing the metering points associated with this entity and all its sub-entities will appear in the list.
When choosing “Folders” metering points will appear in the list linked to all entities and sub-entities of this folder.
If you choose “Root element” of infrastructure tree (account name), then metering points that are created without binding to the entity will appear in the list.To add metering points to a group, select them in The main “MPs” and “Child MPs” lists and click the Add button in each of the lists. In this case, the metering points should move to the right column of the lists.

Then select “Balancing parameter”, “Data type” and click “Save”.

The set of these values may differ depending on the resource type of the metering point.

After creation, the balance group appears in the list indicating the number of main and “child MPs”. Groups can be “Edited” or “Deleted” in this list.

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