Device control

Moving to Device control is available in the Data section.

Control button it is available only to those devices that have remote reading or parameter changing functions.

Electric meter control.

Relay control – allows you to manually control the load of the electric meter (turn it on or off). You need to switch the toggle switch to the appropriate position to change the state.

Setting the power limit – allows you to set the power limit. If the limit exceeded, the load of the electric meter is switched off. The meter reads the average value of the power consumption within one minute. If the power exceeds the specified limit (5 kW by default) then a shutdown is performed. After that, the meter turns on for re-checking after a minute. After 9 cycles of measuring the average power, the meter will turn off until the end of the current day. The main parameters for the number of cycles and the power limit can be changed in the metering device using the manufacturer’s configurator. To set the limit via the NEKTA interface, you must enter the value in Watts and press the Send button.

Reboot – allows you to send a command to the meter’s communication module via the web-socket protocol.

Setting the tariff schedule – allows you to set the end time of the zones for each of the electricity meter tariffs.

Receiving device readings.

Request for tariffs archive allows you to read archived data from the metering device. Select the Archives tab to make request, then select Archive date,Archive time (hour) and click the Request archives button. The results of the request are Successful or Error, that will be displayed in a pop-up notification. The contents of the received archive can be viewed in the Archives tab in the “Data” section. Request for current readings allows you to get the meter readings at the time of the request. Click the Request current readings button to make a request. The result can be viewed in the “Data” section. Power profile archive request allows you to read archived power profile data from the metering device. For the request, you must select Archive date and click Request power profile. One query reads all the values of the power profile for the selected date.

Time synchronization.

Device time adjustment allows you to start a smooth time adjustment on the device. To do so, specify the number of seconds to shift and press the Adjust button.

Depending on the manufacturer and model of the device, the number of seconds for smooth adjustment may be limited. Setting the date/time on the device allows you to set the date and time on the device. Event logs.

Request event logs allows you to read event logs from the device. To do so, select Log type and click on the Request logs button. Devices deactivation.

The created device can be deactivated by switching the toggle switch from active to the left position.

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