Edit device


To edit a device, do the following:

  1. Go to the Devices section.
  2. Select the device type: “Metering devices, Gateways or Base stations”. To do so, click on the appropriate tab.
  3. Find the device you want to edit in the list. To do so, you can use the search bar and filter a device by resource type.
  4. Click the context menu and select the item “Metering point” certificate, go to the “Metering device” tab and click “Edit”.

Editing the metering device.

The following fields are available for editing in the “Metering Device” tab:

  • Device name;
  • Date and time of the start of the polling (for metering devices, the polling of which is initiated by the server);
  • Gateway (for metering devices behind the gateway);
  • Resource type (for water meters);
  • Starting value (for pulse counters);
  • Priority base station (for metering devices with a built-in LoRaWAN modem).

To edit these parameters, you need to adjust them and click on Save changes.


Attributes of metering devices can be used to display them in the system interface and to generate reports.

To add a new attribute, select it from the drop-down list, enter the value and click the Add attribute button.

If you need to add an attribute that is not in the list, you need to contact the Nekta technical support Nekta by phone 8(800)700-5573 ext. 2 or E-mail: support@nekta.tech

To edit the created attribute, click on its value, adjust it and click the Save button.

To delete an attribute, click on the “Delete attribute” button.

Sorting by columns is available in the list of created attributes.

Editing the gateway and base station.

The following fields are available for editing for gateways and base stations:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Polling period (for gateways only)
  • Priority Base station (only for LoRaWAN gateways)

To edit these parameters, you need to adjust them and click on “Save changes”.

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