Features of using a priority BS

Priority BS can be specified (base station) when adding metering devices and LoRaWAN gateways to the system. This procedure is recommended if the device being added can receive DownLink packages and is located in the coverage area of two or more base stations.

The priority BS is entered as the 16-digit ID that was specified when it was added. This field is optional and can be left empty.


  1. If a Priority BS is specified, then all DownLink packages will be sent through it.
  2. If the Priority BS loses communication with the server, the DownLink packets will not be delivered to the device, despite the fact that there are functioning base stations in the area of operation of the device.
  3. If the Priority BS is not specified, then the base station is automatically selected by the LoRaWAN server to send the DownLink packet according to the principle of the best RSSI signal of the last UpLink package.
  4. Priority BS does not affect UpLink package.
  5. The priority BS does not affect the DownLink packages that are sent to confirm the receipt of the package by the server.

A DownLink package is a command that is sent from the server to the device. Commands may be sent in the following cases:

  • Automatic polling of the metering device (when the polling is initiated by the server);
  • Automatic follow-up of missed readings;
  • Manual request for archival readings;
  • Manual request for instant (current) readings;
  • Requesting event logs;
  • Relay and limit control of electric meters;
  • Response to the time adjustment and setting request;
  • Device configuration reading and writing.
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