Polling groups

Polling groups are needed to create a polling scenario and/or a follow-up with subsequent application to a group of metering devices.


To create a group, open the “Devices section” and go to “Groups”, click on the “Polling groups” tab.Click the “Add Polling Group” button.1. Next, you need to enter “Group name”, select “Device model”, specify “Connection type” and “Interface”.

A polling group can be created only for metering devices of the same model with the same type and connection interface.

The choice of parameters for the polling is not implemented in all models of metering devices. If the metering device model does not have a choice of parameters for the polling, then you can create a polling group only with the parameters of the follow-up.

To poll the list of devices one by one, you need to put a check mark next to the corresponding label. It is suitable for cases when it is necessary to poll the devices one by one.

In the Service Parameters field, it is possible to select parameters that are enabled on a permanent basis, without the ability to configure the Period. For example: Automatic time adjustment or Program mode 7e1.

Program mode 7e1 is a data transfer port settings in which data is transmitted in 7 data bits, 1 parity bit and 1 stop bit. It is used, for example, in metering devices by Energomera.

After selecting the model, type and connection interface, a list of metering devices will be generated. It is necessary to select the necessary meters. To do so, click the “Add” button to move to the right column of the list and click Next.2. In the “Polling Settings” tab, you can select which parameters will participate in the polling of the group. For example: You want to collect only the data of the “Сlock archives” of the device and “Daily archives”. It is possible to configure the parameters separately for each parameter: “Polling Start date”, “Period”(how often to create a task (hour, week, month), “Number of attempts polling” and “Timeout between attempts” (in seconds).  Click Next.

3. The follow-up “Settings window” is the service parameters for which it is possible to configure the parameters: Start date before the polling, Period (how often to create a task (hour, week, month), Number of attempts before the follow-up Timeout between attempts (in seconds) and Capacity of the follow-up(days) means how many days ago the missed archives will be requested.

Start date must not coincide with the current time.

After setting up all the parameters of the “Polling and Follow-up” and going to the “Result window”, a summary of all the parameters of the “Polling Group” will appear. If the parameters are selected correctly, complete the creation by clicking “Create a group of polling”. After the group is created, it will appear in the list. You can “Edit it”, “Poll it”, view “Tasks” or “Delete it”.

When deleting a survey group, all survey tasks associated with this group are deleted.

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