Viewing logs and polling tasks by device

All the data that the system receives from the devices can be viewed in raw as well as the commands (requests) sent. To do this, go to “Device logs”. Log view is available in the context menu in the list of devices. Logs can be used to check communication with the device and diagnose errors.

The logs data is available for the last 30 days.


Polling tasks displays a list of actions performed by the system for devices manually or automatically.

Priority of tasks is a manual request for readings and management-related tasks are processed out of turn.

If there are open tasks for a polling and a follow-up, automatic generation of new tasks for the same type of request will be disabled while processing an already running task.

When the metering devices are deactivated, the tasks for additional follow-up of the missing data will not be generated.

For example: automatic polling. The Device Task window contains the following columns:

  • The name of the task is a brief description of the system action performed for the device.
  • Device ID is the device identification number in the Nekta system.
  • Creation date is the date and time when the task was created for the device.
  • Start date is the date and time when the system started the task.
  • Completion Date is the date and time when the system completed the task for the device.
  • Failed attempts is the number of attempts completed with the Failed.

The number of attempts for controlling and manual request of readings is equal to one.


  • Status the stage of task execution, as well as the result.
  • Actions is the log that shows actions performed by the system during the processing of the task

— function button for updating data across the entire list of reports.

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